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Series Byzantina. Studies on Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art. Vol. VI

Warsaw: The Polish society of oriental art; Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, 2008. — 116 p.: ill.

ISBN 978-83-928399-0-3.
General editors: W. Deluga, M. Janocha; editor of the volume: W. Deluga

Содержание Стр.
Brătuleanu 2008. Brătuleanu A. The First Masonry Church of the Orthodox Community in Lviv 9–25
Sabados 2008. Sabados M. I. L’iconostase de Moldoviţa: un repère dans l’évolution de l’iconostase moldave 27–43
Milewski 2008. Milewski D. Between a Magnate and a Cossack — Two Marriages of Vasile Lupu’s Daughters 45–64
D-Vasilescu 2008. D-Vasilescu E. Romanian Treasures in the Monastery of St Catherine, Mount Sinai 65–74
Tatai-Baltă 2008. Tatai-Baltă C. Les sources européennes de la gravure sur bois de Blaj 75–86
Brisby 2008. Brisby C. The Role of Orthodox Religious Engravings in the Samokov Painters’ Archive: Visual Prototypes? 87–101
Tsigkaropoulou 2008. Tsigkaropoulou A. I. Studies of Hagiographer Guilds in the Region of Macedonia during the 18th and 19th Centuries. The Lampou Family: the Earliest Hagiographer Family from Kolakia 103–116