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The Prophet Elijah
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The Prophet Elijah

First half or middle of the 15th century

53 × 35 cm

The Karelian Fine Arts Museum, Petrozavodsk, Russia
Cat No. И-312

Restoration: 1964 — Pertsev N. V. (The Russian Museum); 1971 — Pertsev N. V. (The Russian Museum)

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 Смирнова, Ямщиков 1974 

Provenance: Chapel of the Propher Elijah in the village of Pialma, Pudozh District, Karelian ASSR. The KFAM [Karelian Fine Arts Museum, Petrozavodsk] expedition, 1963 (G. Zharenkov, M. Anisimova).

The veneration of the Prophet Elijah as the Hurler of Thunder who brought rain, was widespread in Novgorod and its northern provinces with their peasant population. This icon from the village of Pialma is one of the oldest representations of the Prophet discovered in the North. It is executed in a more restrained manner, more delicately than the previous icon (pl. 1) [the icon “Apostle Peter”]. The expression of calmness and concentration on the face of Elijah, the good proportions and balance of the composition, and the fine, free-flowing manner of painting all reveal the spirit of fifteenth century art. The beauty of this old icon is especially noticeable in contrast to the crude, flat and primitive addition on the left-hand side. The red ground of the icon was re-created on the basis of the remains of old paint in 1964, when the icon was cleaned. Among the Novgorodian works the icon of the Prophet Elijah stands out because of the powerful outline of the figure and the generalized linear design frequently encountered in Northern art.


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