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Прошу помощи в прочтении надписи на обороте иконы

Zanotelli Tiziano
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Сообщение   Сообщение № 1296146 • 31 Дек 2019 12:26
please help me translate the writing on the back of this icon

Thank you
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Сообщение   Сообщение № 1374953 • 19 Июл 2020 17:54
Dear Tiziano! This is a really interesting icon, with a very uncommon writing. We'll try to help you, but it would be really nice if you share its size as well as the picture of the front side with us. Also, if you know when and where it was created, this information would be really helpful too. The more context we have, the easier it is to make a translation ...  Rolling Eyes
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